Ture love only love

Aren’t I the most sweetest friend ever :)
Came over to my besties house while she was at uni and popped this mofo on her bed to come home to~
She loved it. Apparently it made her feel really special. And yep. I did a good deed today uwu got her a planetarium, a box of magic tricks, lollies, and a scratchie

It my best friends birthday today againThis is what I did for her last year uwuOh man I love her so muchI want to give her everything


comforting ur friends when they’re feeling bad about themselves like


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so the boyfriend managed to see me in my final form while watching anime

and that final form 

is me screeching to cute scenes

i just couldn’t stop myself from screaming “awwh” over and over when kirito asks asuna to marry him. and all those lovey dovey scenes

and the boyfriend was just like “omg naz, shhhhh”